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24 Seater Mini Coach Hire

Waltham Forest 24 Seater 
Planning a special day out in London with family and friends can be a lot of fun. However, finding a place to park in London is notoriously difficult and taking care of the little ones on public transportation can be a real chore. Make sure that you have a fun day out to remember by arranging a 24 seater minibus. 
There will be plenty of room inside your minibus hire in Waltham Forest so that you can take a group of family and friends out with you for the day. The kids are sure to have fun when you take them to Purple Dragon, which can be found in the Chelsea district of London. There are lots of great facilities for kids to use here such as a playground and lots of toys and games and it is even possible to drop off the little ones here for a few hours so that they can have fun while their parents do a spot of shopping and take in the sights of London. 
Kids who have an artistic streak will also love spending time at the Pottery Café. This vibrant venue can be in the Fulham district and is very popular among parents who are searching for a way to keep their kids entertained for a few hours. Pottery Café offers a range of different creative activities to choose from and proud parents can have their child’s footprints cast on a mug or plate. Creating pottery with your children and then decorating it afterwards is also a great bonding experience that is sure to create plenty of lasting memories.  
Children of all ages will be able to interact with a wide range of different types of farm animals when you arrange a trip to Hackney City Farm. One of the main celebrities here is Larry the donkey, who is known for his gentle nature and loves spending time with children. There is also a children’s playground here where the kids can let off plenty of steam and a cool café that serves plenty of tasty treats to choose from.  
When you are ready to return home, the driver of your Waltham Forest minibus hire will take you right to your door. The kids are sure to be tired after their fun day out in the city of London and you can all get a little rest and unwind while the driver takes care of everything.